Job hunting in 1964 was much different than today when students with degrees have a difficult time finding a job in their chosen field.  When I graduated in 1964, the job market for mathematics and science students was booming because of the space race.  I had job offers from several computer, petroleum, and manufacturing organizations.  I selected IBM, a decision I will never regret.
My first full time job was with IBM in Rochester, Mn.   I worked in the development laboratory as a programmer, system designer, team leader for 27 years.   IBM Rochester was my home I never moved.  

i had the unique experience to work on a joint study with the Mayo Clinic and IBM.    I was on IBM and Mayo Clinic team that investigated the use of computers to montor patients after open heart surgery.  The project was a great success.  It was early in heart sugery, so IBM management felt there would not be enough hospitals doing open heart surgery (BIG MISTAKE).  They invested their money in PC operating system OS/2 (Another BIG MISTAKE). 

I worked on parts of the operating system of the IBM midrange commercial systems S/3, S/34, S/38, and OS/400.  These business oriented computer systems were/are used by companies world wide.  

I designed and implemented software in use today. 
The area where I contributed:
  • CL language and Prompter for commands
  • Messages and user interface
  • Security           (I was called the guru of OS/400 security)
  • Managmemt of work flow and printed output
  • Data Queue for fast communication between applcation program
  • Ideograpic (double byte) languages (Chinese and Japanese)
  • Multiple languages on a single computer (IBM holds a patent in my name)

I was a speaker at conferences and user groups.  I was a 25 year speaker at COMMON a midrange user group.  I spent one week/month speaking which did not please some of my IBM managememt and lead to my early retiremdent.

In 1991, I elected early retirement from IBM.  I started my own one man consulting company helping customers secure their IBM OS/400 systems

While at IBM and as a consultant, I spoke at conferences in USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe,  Singapore, Malasia, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zeland,  Kuwate, and South America.  

I was called “The Guru of OS/400 SECURITY” after a column I authored in mid range trade magazines. My writings were turned into a book (now out of print) "Wayne O. Evans on OS/400 Security"..

AS/400-iSeries Family