I worked hard all my life and have been rewarded
with a comfortable financial future. 
My nature is to not spend or live lavishly. 
I learned to live within my means.

I retired from consulting in 2005, and now live in Tucson, AZ. Now my days are spent working on my computer, swimming, growing cactus and occasional hike in the Sonora Desert.

My career was jump-started by a Elks club scholarship. As soon as I began earning my wife and I began to pay it back by donations to our colleges.   In the early days we gave only $10-20/year which has grown as our wealth grew. Our current gift to Adams State is in the thousands and similar amounts to Kansas State.
These gifts are matched 50% by IBM.

Both universities are included in our wills.

Many alumni identify with and support sports teams.  There enough over-paid athletic players/coaches/stadiums.

My wife and I have elected to direct our gifts to the academic areas.   I believe the purpose of colleges and universities is to train future leaders, teachers, social workers, and those who improve life.

I was honored to have an article in the Adams State Alumni magazine 

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NEXT Generation

I am proud to say,  the spirit of giving has been passed
down to my children.
There is a Wayne and Ellen Evans cabin in the woods of YMCA Camp Olson in Longville, MN.   This is  a gift of our kids to us and future campers

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The purpose of college/universities is not to teach facts but to teach students how to learn.
In my career, most of what I did was learned
after I left formal training.